Cross Hands Depot

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Address:Cross Hands Business Park
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Client Name:Environment Agency Wales
Client Address:Ty Cambria, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff.
Is the facility constructed?:Yes
River Catchment Area:Unknown
Construction Date:1999-03-15
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The Environment Agency Wales constructed their Flood Defence Depot with sustainability in mind. A project team was specifically set up to ensure that a water harvesting system could be incorporated into the building. The water harvesting system reduces the dependence on mains water and the water collected from the roof is used as a resource on the site.   Rainwater is stored in an 18m3 underground tank and used for  non-potable use on site as well as for a vehicle washing plant.  The project has also provided the EA Wales with a test bed for potential water harvesting systems - the rainwater source providing 75% of the sites water needs.