On the 7th of April, the Welsh Government published their eagerly awaited Water Strategy for Wales for consultation.

The consultation includes a number of proposals relating to broad themes such as:

  • Water for nature, people and business;
  • Taking action to reduce pollution;
  • Improving the way we plan and manage our water services;
  • Water affordability and delivering excellent services to customers;
  • Protecting and improving drinking water quality;
  • A new approach for drainage; and
  • Supporting delivery.

Section 4.6 – A new approach for drainage -sets out the proposed approach to ensuring that both waste water and surface water are managed in an integrated way. This section is supportive of the SuDS and WSUD approaches and suggests that the National SuDS Standards and Guidance for Wales will be consulted on in 2014.

The full consultation document can be viewed here: http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/environmentandcountryside/water-strategy/?lang=en

The deadline for response is 4th July 2014.

The Welsh Government’s latest newsletter is available to read here: Newsletter3