An article produced by Backhaus, Dam and Jensen for ‘Urban Water Journal’ has recently featured on ‘Science for Environmental Policy’ online entitled: ‘Overcoming the challenges of SUDS design’.

The article focuses on the new approaches being implemented by Architects to encourage the use of Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) as part of their designs. Specifically this editorial brings to light the challenges faced when attempting to develop urban areas using SUDS to manage surplus storm-water. However, more importantly the editorial also lists the ways in which these can be combated.

The article discusses three main categories, ‘Better Technical Knowledge’, ‘Better Collaboration’ and ‘Greater Practical experience’, which cover both the challenges and solutions to implementing SUDS.

The editorial features interesting and effective resolutions to better managing excess surface water through increased research, knowledge sharing and hands-on design practice, highlighting the fact that despite how recent a phenomenon SUDS may be, these ‘mimic natural systems’ are fundamental in helping to overcome city flooding and sewage overflow, whilst also promoting increasingly ‘greener’ urban areas.