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Address:Stebonheath Primary School, Marblehall Road, SA15 1NB
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Client Name:Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Client Address:Pentwyn Road, Nelson, Treharrris CF46 6LY
Is the facility constructed?:Yes
Construction Date:2013-11-22
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The Stebonheath Primary School scheme is part of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's strategy to manage surface water entering the combined sewer network across the Llanelli area. The scheme was constructed during the summer holidays in 2013 and was officially opened in November 2013. The below components were chosen to reduce flows via evapotranspiration where possible and attenuate remaining flows during storm events:

* 30m swale with below ground geocellular storage

* Downpipes on the elevation nearest the playground diverted into four water butts, designed to obverflow to rills draining into the swale

* Permeable paving between the school and the swale

* Remaining downpipes diverted into six raingarden planters

* Geocellular storage beneath the car park

* A bioretention basin in the car park

* Two Silva Cell storage planter to the front of the building, planted with trees

* Small pond with overflow via rill to the swale